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Birth date: November 22
Age: 25
Favorite summer treat: macaron ice cream sandwiches from natasha's!
Favorite summer piece: loose tees
Currently: recovering from anime midwest

welp, i went to pick up next week’s schedule at work and i guess yesterday was officially my last day at aerie because i’m not scheduled!  i’m sad to be leaving because i love the company so much, but i’m excited to officially go full time at essense next week.  my first 3 days have been pretty smooth.

i hear many australian accents throughout the day. 

this bus drove by me when i left work to get lunch yesterday and i think it was mistakenly made for kids

it was really meant for us



"I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared."
-(via lozerbitch)