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Birth date: November 22
Age: 25
Favorite winter treat: any and all coffee!
Favorite winter piece: more scarves it's freezing in kansas
Currently: preparing my petits gateaux collection for naka-kon



  • do not comment on what I’m eating
  • do not comment on how much i’m eating
  • do not comment on how little i’m eating
  • do not comment on how healthy it is
  • do not comment on how unhealthy it is
  • do 
  • not
  • comment
  • on
  • what
  • i’m
  • eating


  • do not comment that i wear too much make-up
  • do not comment that i should wear make-up more often
  • do not comment that i don’t need make-up
  • do not comment “but you’re so pretty without make-up”
  • do not comment on a woman’s appearance because you think she needs your approval to feel self worth
  • do
  • not
  • comment
  • on
  • whether
  • or
  • not
  • a
  • woman
  • should
  • wear
  • make
  • up

i had an appointment with a second florist today.  he is really funny and super awesome.  he also has this cat, petals, who laid next to me for most of my almost 3-hour meeting.


even if we’re a little over budget i want him to do our floral because he’s the coolest and because this kitty.

whoaaaaaa, i just got rid of 300 liked posts by finally saving the things i liked to my hard drive, much of which were wedding reference…!

alsooo, i think it may be safe enough now to post this to my blog (since hank never checks my tumblr anyway) but this is the gown i decided on a few weeks ago!  i think i’m going to wear a fascinator with it for the ceremony and the headband for the reception.  the gown honestly feels really great on the body.  it isn’t nearly as heavy as it looks.  and like i said—NO strapless!  i wasn’t playing that game…

it’s a stella york design which i ordered through belle vogue bridal in kansas city.  if anyone out there is getting married in kc, i HIGHLY recommend this shop.  the owner is so fabulous, i don’t even have words for it.  i posted a review of the shop on weddingwire, if that helps anyone.


metallic embroidery, crystal and pearl beaded detailing on the bodice:


one of the only shots i have of it with the fascinator during try-on:


i really loved this pale pink one, too.  it was super light weight and i thought the style still sort-of lent itself to a “vintage princess” style, but i kept going back to the gold one.


one of the girls from the shop called last week to let me know the gown will arrive in late july.  i am SUPER excited. :D


have you ever had the urge to spoil somebody and buy them everything they’ve ever wanted because they are just so wonderful and you love them a lot and they deserve all of the nice things??? then u realize u are broke and sad