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littleredqueen’s SPIKED HEEL TUTORIAL!

As promised, I have finally completed a heel spiking tutorial for you all!  So let’s jump right in…

First things first, you gotta do a little math.  Nothing dreadful, we just have to get the right spacing for our spikes.  Now, since my spikes are 1 inch tall I didn’t go with the design I had originally intended, which was to go around the opening of the shoe like in these Jeffrey Campbells.  However, I did give you all a little example of the math if you were planning to do it that way.

Using my fabric tape measure, I measured around the opening of the shoe, which was 18.5 inches around and divided that by 5/8 of an inch (.625 for your calculator!) since that would be about how much space I would want between them.  That allows me to put about 29 spikes around the opening. :)

Below is my heel-only math.  See these original Sam Edelmans.  Of course I did the upper part of the heel only.


  • pair of heels
  • scrap piece of wood (I didn’t actually use mine because it was too big, but a smaller scrap piece like a Jimmy would maybe be helpful, up to you to decide)
  • hammer
  • fabric tape measure
  • screwdriver or power drill
  • spikes
  • chalk for marking
  • skinny sharpie for marking
  • 1 long nail
  • 1 long drywall screw (pictured later)

*If you have access to and want to use a power drill but have never used one before, have someone show you how and then practice on some old wood.  Getting the screws through as straight as possible is really important here.
*Spiking tools do exist, I just don’t know that they’re made to go through shoe material.  That’s why I got industrial here.

1) Mark your spike placement lightly with chalk.  It’s easier to rub off if you make a mistake.  It’s a little hard to see, but my chalk is light blue and to the left of that back seam.

2) I went back over my markings with the end of my thin-tipped Sharpie to make a mark and an indentation at once.

3) The best way to start is to began the holes with a nail.  Because my piece of wood wasn’t small enough to stick into the heel and hammer the nail through the shoe, I had to shove the nail through with my fingers.  If you find yourself having to do this be very careful and note where the nail is going to come out on the other side.  You’ll end up shoving a nail through the edge of your knuckle like I did!  (It took me a few tries to get the order of the method right, so that’s why the first spike screw is already placed below.)

4) Drive the screw through the hole you’ve already started with the nail.  If you don’t have a power drill to do this with, a screwdriver will work just as well; it will just take a little longer.  I drove it almost all the way to the end of the threading and then back out again.

5) Drive the screw through the opposite side of the material the same way you did above.  All the way through and all the way back out again. 

6) Using one of your spikes as a taper, push it through both sides to make the hole just a bit bigger.  The screws that come with spikes are flat headed screws so they need a hole bigger than a normal screw (they have pointed ends to help them!) to get it through the material.  Do this for both sides just like you did with the screw.

7) Get that spike screw through there!  If the hole is big enough, it will slide right through.  Some of mine required me to use the power drill to help get it through, but then they’re just super secure in there.

8) Keep making holes and topping them off with spikes to see how it looks as you go along.  I found it easiest, however, to work with only the screws sticking out of the shoe.  The spikes tend to get in the way.

My final product so far:

I did mine asymmetrical just for fun.  I only ordered a bag of 20 spikes to start with since I didn’t know where I was going to go with this design, so I need to get more of the 1” spikes for the toe section as well as some shorter spikes to give both shoes more of a “blended” look.  I’ll update this post once they are completely finished.

Hope this helped you all.  Happy spiking!! ♥

xoxo Jamye

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posted on May 31, 2012

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